Elk Halna Bangle Green

Elk Halna Bangle Dark Green

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Try adding some contemporary chunky jewellery to your look this season with a chunky bangle.

This piece of jewellery is made entirely by hand by Zai Design Hive, a family run operation in the Phillipines. We have been working with Gil and his team since 2016. They specialise in making jewellery from quality resin, wood and other mostly natural materials. All pieces are made by skilled craftspeople in a factory that we visit annually. The wood is sourced from sustainable plantation timbers and the resin pieces are made by pouring liquid resin into silicone moulds which is then left to cure. Each piece is then cleaned, drilled and polished. Resin is extremely durable, light and isn't affected by liquids.

Approximately 6.5 cm diameter